Tanning FAQs

Here at Shine our airbrush tanning is unlike any other.

Shine Spa brought airbrush tanning to Omaha years ago. Owner Angie Ruh was trained by the creator of airbrush tanning.

Another asset to our airbrush tanning process is that a technician sprays you instead of a machine to ensure that there are no missed spots and no streaks!

1. What do I wear? While being sprayed you can wear what ever makes you comfortable. We do require bottoms of some sort. Afterwards you will want to wear loose, dark clothing for about 2 hours.
2. How long does it take? Your should be in and out in 15 min. Thanks to our new Turbo machine.
3. How long does it last? 5-7 days depending on cell turnover.
4. What do I do before I get sprayed? Exfoliate with our enzyme scrub and do not wear lotion the day of getting sprayed.
5. What do I do after I get sprayed? Do not shower for 8 hours and use our tan extender lotion for the longest tan possible.

shine day spa

E-mail: info@ShineDayRetreat.com


West Location -
Shine Tanning Salon

Phone: 402-991-SKIN
16920 Wright Plaza
Suite 128
Omaha, Nebraska 6813
Map to our location.

Shine Spray Tanning
and Waxing

Phone: 402-934-7337
Miracles Hills Plaza
747B N. 114th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68154
Map to our location.

Shine at Compete Personal Fitness
Phone: 402-881-9963
2819 S. 125th Ave,
Suite 355
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
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